About Caroline Can!

Welcome to the Caroline Can! website.  This campaign effort was launched in Fall 2007 in honor of Caroline Owen, a dynamic and determined 23-year-old who is recovering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) sustained in a car accident in November 2006.  After the accident, Caroline was in the hospital for 7 months.  Now at home, Caroline is continuing on her road to recovery through out-patient therapy and a lot of hard work!  The progress Caroline has made has been due to her work ethic and commitment, and the amazing therapy she has received at the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center at the Fort Sanders Hospital in Knoxville, TN. 

To celebrate the progress Caroline is making and to help ensure others with similar injuries will have access to the exceptional services at the Patricia Neal Center, we have launched the Caroline Can! campaign.  All donations will go to support a training scholarship our family has endowed to allow the therapists to attend continuing education courses to learn the latest techniques and technologies available for treating TBI.  Caroline has benefited from many of these advancements, and we want to make sure that others can benefit from that training as well.

In honor of Caroline, her brothers, Jay and Reid Owen, attempted to swim across the English Channel in August 2008.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate for a cross-Channel swim (the cliche about English weather is TRUE), but the boys did end up swimming 26 miles in a 7.5 hour relay inside the Dover Harbor in the cold, rough waters of the Channel.  And they did it without wetsuits!  As part of the Channel swim, we were able to raise over $48,000 towards the endowment!!

Since the first event was so successful, and we enjoyed it so much, we decided to extend the campaign to a 5-year goal of raising $100,000.  After a half-ironman in New Hampshire with 18 teammates and three Rev3 triathlons in Knoxville (including Caroline as a racer!) we are proud to say that the $100,000 goal has been met.

7 thoughts on “About Caroline Can!

  1. Hello Caroline, Susan and David. Today we had the pleasure of having Ilene, Hale & Brenda visit us in Franklin and tell us about your progress. We have read the Caringbridge journal every day for many months and they tipped us off to this one. Best wishes and one of these days we will travel to Knoxville to visit with you.

    Jim & Anne Sewell

  2. Hello Caroline from Colorado! Jay and I are cheering you all on and we are wearing our bracelets! Can’t wait to see y’all at Christmas. Miss you. Love Meg and Jay

  3. Hello,

    My name is Martin Tighe and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I am reading your web site and I am moved by the story of Caroline and I am interested in the possibility joining your relay. I am planning on doing a solo swim across the English channel in August 2009. I don’t know if you are interested, but I would enjoy being part of our cause and swimming a leg on your relay. I could help absorb a share of the cost as well as contributing to your likely success by sharing part of the burden of the crossing as well.

    I am 47 years old and have two boys one of which has special needs. I’ve been swimming open water for a about 5 years having swam from Alcatraz three times and The Golden Gate Bridge swim last September. I also swam two events at Treasure Island located in the San Francisco Bay and I will swim the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim June 8, 2008.

    Being part of your relay would give me an introduction to the difficulty of the Channel swim and may be a benefit to your cause. Please let you know if this might be interesting to you and your family. If not I wish you well and may God bless you and your family in your beautiful struggle for Caroline. Martin. 404-229-0507

  4. Hello Owens Clan
    Pete and I continue to include Caroline in our morning daily prayers. As aged dinasours we seldom go on-line but was excited to see Jay and Reid in today’s News Sentinel. Of course, Pete and I want to help in your endeavors to create an endowed scholarship at the Patricia Neal Rehab Center in honor of Caroline.
    Would you please provide an address so that we can mail a donation.
    Your family picture at this site is awesome!
    God bless, Sandra & Pete

  5. Hi

    I have met Jay and his wife in DC, through a common friend Chandrika Vira. I also have worked at a similar rehabilitation hospital (Craig hospital) in Denver for TBI patients. I am happy to contribute to such a wonderful cause. Caroline, you are an incredibly strong person, best wishes in your continued recovery.

    Jody Rutz

  6. Dear Owens Family,
    We thank God for Caroline’s surviving this ordeal and pray for her continued recovery and healing. Hale passed the information on to us. It is wonderful and heart warming how you have rallied together to help Caroline and others with similar injuries. The webb site is great. It gives you a way to do more than just send well wishes.

    Love & hugs to you and your family.

    Dan & Debbie Morris

  7. Hey Caroline!! I miss you and was thinking about you today! Let me know how you are and give your sweet parents a HUGE hug from me and make them give you one from me as well! I love you bunches! Kristy Clark

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